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Lost and Found

Everyone loses things. We lose our keys or worse, our phones. Yikes. Jer and I call each other’s phone when we can’t seem to remember where we last laid ours down.

When I was very young, and in a hurry to get ready for school, it wasn’t uncommon for a shoe to vanish into thin air. My sister and I shared a room and let’s just say, it a was little cluttered. I’ve always had a strong faith in God, so when said shoe was no where to be found, my prayer was, “God, I’m going to spin the shoe I have around and whatever direction it points, let me find it there.” God was faithful to answer my childish prayers. But what about when you grow up and you lose something incredibly precious to you…like your baby. It’s happened to me twice and there nothing like the heart racing fear that courses through you body in moments like these. One time I remember spending several minutes hunting all over the house for Annie, only to realize I had been holding her in my arm the entire time. Ugh! Our first apartment had a good size living room. It was simple furnished with a couch, chair, a coffee table and two end tables. I laid a blanket of the floor at the one corner of the room and carefully placed Annie on it. She was only a few months old. After positioning her carefully, I went around the corner into the kitchen to get a drink of water. A moment later when I came back to the living room, the blanket laid empty…no baby insight. My heart raced. Who took my baby? Did they come in the front door without me hearing? I was frantic. Annie wasn’t mobile at this point, or at least I thought so. I looked all over the room, out the window and door. It wasn’t like there were hiding places. I was ready to call the police. That’s when I heard a small sound. I bent over and found her all the way against the wall under an end table. For the first time Annie had rolled over. Yay! I should have been excited but she didn’t just roll over, she silently rolled over and over and over, all the way across the room and way under the end table. Relieved and amazed at my daughters superhuman baby powers, I celebrated the lost one. What have you lost and found?

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