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Lights, Scaffolding, Action

It’s amazing how light can lift your mood… and help you see. As is the season, the sun sits lower in the sky and days are shorter. We were blessed to have our friends, Molly and Joel, back at the property. Joel is the electrician who helped us do our electrical rough in. This weekend, he helped land some wires from the powerhouse to our home and place temporary lights, switches, and outlets. While we still have to use our generator, at least we can plug things inside.

Molly and I had a great time visiting as the men worked. I really didn’t feel like loading the trailer with branch debris and it was a little late to start a burn pile by the time we all got there.

Nick, our neighbor, had shown Jer how to put up the temporary scaffolding. Really, it’s more like a floor over the open area of our loft. Jer and I built half of it under the beam and half over the beam. I am in awe of what this has done for us. What seemed like an impossible and scary job, of insulting and eventually sheet rocking, is now safe and very doable.

Our two-story home currently has four levels and with lights. We can see what we are doing. Amazing! So, our one full day was spent building and finishing all the wall insulation. Then at the end of the day, as usual, we filled a trailer with branch debris and took it to community burn pile.

Sundays are tricky for us. We can only work a half day in order to get back, clean up and work that evening at our paying jobs. Jer and I discussed our best options. Since we had the flooring/scaffolding up, we decided to work on the insulation over the vaulted area. It’s in the shape of a ‘W’ with a very steep pitch. Guess what? We almost finished it! Unfortunately, we ran out of insultation. At least it won’t take much to finish that part.

We will work on the pitched roof line in the loft and bedroom next week. We still need the insulation for the flat areas of the roof line. Yet, we were excited to get so much done in a very short amount of time.

Only a few more weeks before we have to step away because of the weather and the holidays but we are getting closer.

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