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Let the Fun Begin - Part 6

Morning dawn arrived and we excitedly prepared for the day, after several quick bowls of cereal. We filled our fanny packs with the goods for the day and marched out to wait for the bus that would take us to the tram. We had pre-purchased our tickets, so the only thing left was to climb aboard and zoom our way into the magical kingdom.

We had hoped the weather would be tolerable in early October but it was still fairly hot, enough to sweat while standing in line. Most rides we rode together but a few only the youngest did. Several rides stood out to me. Joe, our five-year-old, just made the height requirement for the big rides. He wasn’t too sure about Space Mountain. We asked repeatedly if he would rather not go on this ride, but bravely he stepped forward, sitting next to Jer. When it ended, Joe was weak-kneed and could barely stand up but he did it. The ride that stands out most was Splash Mountain. It’s a nice little ride that ends with a huge drop into water. We were happy to find out our whole family could fit in one log, the seating for this ride. It plays lovely music while you slowly move through the cavern with one little drop but we all knew the big one was coming. We all screamed. At the end of the ride, you can purchase a picture of your group as the log hits the water. We ran for the viewing area but were disappointed we couldn’t see everyone. Ike screamed with joy while Abe was clearly crying. Later that evening, when people were lining up for the parade, we convince Abe to try it again. With no lines to wait in, we rushed to the top. Once again, the picture missed someone and Abe was crying. We began to walk away but stopped to discuss another try. Abe agreed and off we went. Planning how we would hold our heads so all could be seen, we achieved our goal. Success! We got our picture and while Abe looked concerned, there were no tears this time. Fun memories.

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