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Insulation Squabble


/ˈskwäb(ə)l/ (Stacey version) When both parties are trying to communicate similar and sometimes trivial ideas but are unable to see the other’s point.

Jer and I squabbled quite a bit this weekend over how high to place the venting system up the vault from the bird blocks to the rafters above the ceiling insultation, as well as insultation on the floor of the small space between the vault and the short interior walls. To Jer’s credit, the plans do call for this and I am okay with it to a point.

This weekend we were hoping to finish all this insulation over the vaulted areas. Every other forty-five degree rafter required a vent or what is called a bird block…to block birds and other unwanted creature from getting into your house. This venting system needed to run from the bird block to above the ceiling insultation. This would allow air flow.

We did have a couple victories amidst the squabbling this weekend. We had enough insulation and venting material to complete the task. The framer had left a couple small areas open so we could get in these small spaces and insulate diagonally down to the floor. We had already insulated the inside walls. So basically, we double insulated. Again, the plans called for this.

Okay fine, I could live with this. But the plans also call for insulation on the floor. This floor area is not exposed to the outside. It sits over the room below. Okay, whatever. It seems like an over-kill to me. Here’s where the squabbling started. I wanted to close one wall completely up and finish my pre-cut insulation over it. Two other areas we had agreed to leave open for an access door. This would allow us room to store behind the closets. Sounded reasonable, don't you think?

Jer and I had discussed this before and agreed on it, but he was stuck on the fact these areas called for insulation on the floor too. We went back and forth trying to explain ourselves to one another. Jer’s argument always came back to, “But it needs to be insulated.”

My argument was, “Yes, but we will leave a portion uninsulated for storage because it’s already double insulated and above a downstairs room.”

I was not my best self this weekend. Jer got a head wagging, sarcastic, “Fine, we will just insulate it all and close it up and not use any for storage,” near tears response from me. He stared at me trying to decide if I was joking or upset. When my voice wavered at the end, he realized what was going on.

Jer’s a good man. We were able to work it out. One bag of insulation left before we call in a partial inspection on this and start sheet rocking!

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1 Comment

Oct 27, 2023

I am sorry we squabble, but so precious to see you & Jer are real and vulnerable! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness & mercy.

Good job!!! Love reading your stories of this journey!

God bless you and keep you! Melly

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