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In Honor of the Man I Love

I haven’t written a blog in some time and it will probably confusing all the little engines that go looking for new content on websites. Sounds like fun to me.

I was thinking this Father’s day about the things I love about my husband, Jer. Of course, he is an amazing father of six but you should know, he’s an amazing person.

Around this time last year, our camping trip got canceled due to COVID but we found a campsite ten hours away. Not only was he willing to drive our little 14 ft. trailer that we usually towed behind our 4-cylinder SUV, but he asked to borrow our son huge truck. People laughed when they saw us. The truck was bigger than the RV, making it look like a toy. While I was a little embarrassed by the over kill of transportation, Jer thought it was funny.

We parked on someone’s farm by a river and set up camp. In our down time, Jer would read my second and unpolished book while I napped in the camper. I’d hear him laugh and wanted to know what part he found so funny. I can’t tell you how loved I felt by his willingness to read it and how blessed I was that he enjoyed parts of it.

He’s always willing to go the extra mile. We had purchased water tubes to sit in but the river was fast moving and cold. Even in two feet of water it was hard to keep our balance. Jer tied a rope to the handles and with all his might he reached into the water to attach it to a boulder. We’d sit in them with our feet and hands dangling in the water, while our midsection went almost numb. It was hot, making it tolerable. Then we’d turn them over and lay on our stomachs to give our backs a little sun. We only got a little sunburned.

Our evening would end with cooking pizza over the grill and maybe an ice cream bar for dessert.

I love spending time with Jer. I’m so thankful he’s my life partner. I’ve been with him since I was sixteen. While life has had its bumps and I tend to be the more pessimistic of us two, Jer is right there at my side helping us make it through. I just wanted everyone to know amazing this man is, I who love.

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