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Grateful for Big & Little Things

After taking our trailer off our property before it got snowed in, I was secretly hoping we’d get a few weekends off. It was pretty clear by the time we left last week that we be heading back to the property next weekend if weather held.

Here at homebase it was a dry week until Friday night. That translated into snow where we are building. Still, Jer and I got up putting on our best positive attitudes and headed out in the dark of the morning. There was snow on the roads, especially where the shadows block the sun. Fortunately for us, it had just lightly snowed.

It was quite beautiful, the snow in the branches as the sun shined through. Our plan was to finish the siding on the south end of the house while our other team finished the west dormer and began on the east side. While cold it wasn’t windy. Thank God. Not only did we have a beautiful view from our upstairs balcony, we had the sun on our backs as we worked. Ahhh.

Gratefulness filled my heart. I was dry, warm, and thankful for further progress. Two sides of the house are fully covered in pre-primed siding. Our father/son team made good progress on the east side and were coming back the next day, even though we weren’t.

Last year at this time we were waiting on our architect who was working on our drawings, stressing over trying to find someone to drill our well once winter was over, and had so many unknowns that felt both exciting and scary.

What an adventure it has been so far. Even though we have so much further to go, I’m grateful!

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23 nov. 2022

Wonderful news on your journey! Praise the Lord & Happy Thanksgiving!

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