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Bits and Pieces

It’s the tedious things which are often the most frustrating.

Things like painting are so rewarding because you almost immediately see results and feel like you accomplished something big. I like those kinds of tasks, but in reality, most of life is spent on the small tedious things that leave us feeling like we aren’t making much progress, whether that is personal or a project like our house.

I’ve lost count of how many times I thought THIS was the weekend we would finish our roof plumbing. Seriously, we thought this was the weekend… again. Jer spent so much time researching the testing for rough plumbing inspections but when Nick came over to give us a few pointers, it undid a lot of what Jer had worked on that day. Nick told us not to do anything to prepare for a ventilation pressure check and hope they don’t ask. Of course, they do have to evaluate the waterlines and that will have to be done with air since we don’t have our power to run the water yet. The plumbing is so close. We couldn’t find one elbow for the last pecs to a bathtub faucet Jer was working on. URGH!

The plastic pipes for plumbing represent different things: black for sewer and vents, white for main water lines, green for septic, gray for electrical wiring. Inside the house you have blue pecs for cold water and red for hot water. It’s very discouraging to come up a few inches short of what you need, especially when it’s a good forty minutes to the closest supply store.

Our living/dining room area and one bedroom have been our staging for all the bits and pieces we are using to work. Couplers, 45 and 90 degree elbows, pipe, clamps and a host of tools litter our sawdust covered floor, that I keep sweeping. Jer worked on one of our two last roof jacks for venting. Our roof is very steep, and we took down most of the toe board hangers last fall. Not to mention it’s been really hot. Our window of cool temperature ran out this morning for him to finish the last and hardest jack. I watch helplessly and pray, while Jer is on our steep roof in his harness, having to move it from one clip to another.

So, here we are again. Next week is our plan to be down and ready for our rough plumbing inspection.

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