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Backing in the Trenches

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Who knew, we suring didn’t, that trench work on a water line would be so much work. Like so many things we work at our homestead, I have this idea of how easy it will be to accomplish. Wham, bam, done! Unfortunately, nothing seems to be as easy as I thought.

Jer and I had planned on leaving early to the property Friday morning like usual, but we had a little snag on Thursday late afternoon. Rent on our storage unit, that holds half a house of items, was going to increase significantly. It was already one of our biggest expenses. We decided to switch to a little bit smaller unit hoping it would all fit. The problem was we had to move everything in 24 hours.

Jer and I had a group to lead that night, but he stayed to work on moving while I headed out to lead without him. I sent some serious prayer up for someone to come to help him. I felt so bad he had to do it by himself. We both got home around ten o’clock at night. Thankfully, he did have a couple of people to help. Even our pastor came the next morning to help us finish up by eight am.

We were exhausted but packed up all our gear for the property and were off within a two hours. After making a couple stops along the way to pick up things we needed, we arriving at our camper on our property, ate and laid down for a nap. Physically and emotionally exhausted, we could have slept the rest of the afternoon away. Still, Jer pick axed away an area of the trench we weren’t able to reach with the tractor. Have I mentioned how much rock we have?

This weekend’s goal was to lay the water pipe, all 130 feet of it, from the well to the pump house. On a bed of gravel, Jer glued pipe and connectors. That part went pretty quickly. Then another layer of gravel and then the electrical wire that goes from the well to the pump, then another layer of gravel before the final piece; the tracing wire. All we had to do now was fill the rest of the trench.

Again, I thought it would be so easy. I was only able to do a small portion before Jer took over. It took all day, but we got it done. It’s still not hooked up and we still need to trench from the pump to the house, but we are getting closer.

I can’t say I was my best self the entire day. Sometimes the enormity of what we are doing, what still needs to be done, and the cost catch up to us both. The important thing is we are doing it together without a debt and each week we are making progress.

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