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Angel of Comfort

I remember the day I took Tina to the eye doctor. We were concerned she wasn’t seeing out of one eye. By the end of the exam, I was prepared for them to tell me she was blind in that eye. What I wasn’t prepared for was the doctor’s concern over why.

We were immediately rushed over to a specialist who did an ultra sound on her eye. By that evening, we had a lot of questions. The doctor called. It’s never a good thing when the doctor calls after hours. We were sent to more doctors the next day. I receive another after hours call and was told we need to take to one of the top specialists in the nation the next day. It was Tina’s fifth birthday and we had a party planned. I asked to move the appointment and was told no. We held the party but left while her friends were still at our house. With in three days, Tina had been seen by eleven doctors, had an ultra sound and a CAT scan. Two and a half days later she had surgery to remove her eye where the cancer tumor grew. She had all she could take and was no longer cooperating. Not even for simple things like having her blood pressure taken. It was traumatic. She was terrified. The post examines were even worse. Every few months we had to take her in for an under anesthesia eye exam. They were horrible experience for her and us. The last one we took her to, I had prayed for God’s help. Tina woke up that early morning happy and wanting to wear her yellow dress. Once at the hospital there usually is a lot of waiting, but not this morning. They took her as fast as we could put her in her hospital gown and once in the pre-operating area, they took her from my arms. I heart hurt seeing the fear in her face. We were in and out of the hospital in record time. What a relief. Later Tina told me she had seen an angel. At first, I didn’t believe her but she kept insisting she'd seen it and that the doctor had too. I asked, “Why do you think the doctor saw it?” The doctor held her in his lap, holding the face mask below her face because they only wanted her out for a few minutes. She saw the angel smiling at her saying, “Don’t be afraid.” The doctor responded, “Who said that?” This was Tina’s confirmation. I have to say after all the trauma, this visit to the hospital had been the quickest and most peaceful we had ever experienced. Tina told us she saw the angel another time, floated between her and her sister's bed in their room, smiling at her. The peace she experienced was undeniable God had intervened to comfort my little girl.

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