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Adjustments and Expectation

I married very young but I felt sure it was God’s will for me and with the blessing of our parents. I moved directly from my parent’s home to our apartment. I’d never managed a bank account or paid the bills. Since this had always been my dad’s responsibility, I just expected that this would be Jer’s job.

There were many adjustments needing to be made in those early years, the blending of two background. I learned we all have gifts and talents. Jer’s and mine are quite opposite, which makes us such a good fit because his strengths are my weakness and vice versa. Finances are a common source of contention in marriages. We went back and forth with who managed the money. It took us just a couple years to find what worked for us. Managing the family budget was in my wheelhouse of skills but it took a little longer for Jer to be at peace with it. Don’t get me wrong, Jer is incredibly gifted in so many ways I’m not. We both have our own perspectives on this issue. Jer felt discourage to see his hard-earned money disappear… immediately and totally. I felt thankful to be able to meet our obligations. I’d been raise to tithe, to give our first ten percent to God. After much discussion, Jer and I agreed to having me manage our finances, which included tithing. Tithing comes with a promise and I asked God to prove His faithfulness that month. We both needed to see God move on our behalf. After paying all the bills we had almost nothing left. Barely enough for essentials but I kept thanking God for His promise. There is no guarantee you’ll be rich, only that God will meet your needs and more. We really didn’t know what exactly to expect. The first thing to come was a haircut I badly needed that someone donated to me. Then two bags of groceries showed up at our door. We hadn’t told anyone of our need. It blessed us. Finally, someone in our church gave us tickets to go have some fun as a family at a water park. By the time we added what we received in special blessings God had tripled what we had given in our tithe. We grow to trust God more as we experience His infinite faithfulness.

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