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A Weekend of Completions

Finally, this task driven woman gets the satisfaction of completing a few things. The details feel endless in building a home. I’m not just talking about having someone build our home but us actually building our home. Instead of each person in their craft, with their knowledge and experience doing their part, we have to figure it all out.

Jer and I have had our septic system almost done for a long time. We just needed to add the riser that sit on top of the sept tank, but we put it off because it came at a hefty cost. This month was the deadline we’d set for ourselves. When we arrived to pick up our supplies at the plumbing store, Jer asked for a discount. Guess what? They gave it to him! Over a hundred dollars in savings. Every time we take things back that we didn’t use or get discounts, it’s a little like Christmas. We use what we saved to buy the things we didn’t know we needed.

The hard part for me was having to backfill over the septic tank without disrupting the seals on the risers. There was a mountain of rock just behind the tank where a boulder had to be broken to pieces. This was not a simple push the dirt back in task. At least two-thirds of what I used was rock. Then trying to smooth it out and make the area look a little more level was rather frustrating but I did the best I could. There’s still half a mountain of rock just beyond but the job is done.

Jer also completed demo work on our upstairs deck. We decided not to put in a ceiling because it would block too much light. The down stair porch ceiling now has all the finish boards in place. As we diligently race to get the house paint ready. Not to mention, we are almost done plugging the venting for the plumbing inspection to be completed and wiring the well to our generator so we can actually test it.

We are getting closer, people! There is still loads of things to do and materials to buy but this weekend, I rejoice in the progress made.

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