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Ah, so we thought we were NOT going to have to make another trip to our property this weekend because our helpers were going to finish for us. Things changed and we were informed not only could they not help on a work week day when we could rent a boom lift, they didn't think they could help on the weekend either.

I couldn't believe we were once again in a panic to get things done. Jer hussled to get things in order to rent a boom, for Friday only. That was hard enough, but we couldn't do this without help. I'm not able to manage the saw from down below. We needed another man to help.

The snow was coming, even if it had been a dry week. Super cold. Cold enough to freeze Jer's coffee. Again, we saw this as our last chance to get the whole house sided before winter really hit. Jer asked a couple people, I asked too and on FaceBook to the two groups in the area. Just as one person responded, another couple offered to go help... THE NEXT DAY. How's that for short notice?!

Now we could rent but it meant Jer had to get up by 4am in order to be at the rental place when they opened. They closed at 5pm and it would take an hour to get it back. While Jer isn't a big fan of boom lifts, he got the hang of it and was able to complete the front, minus our decorative piece. We'll get to that later.

Another blessing was our orginal help came out the next day and finished the top of the east side. People, we did it. Our house is fully roofed and completely sided before winter! Boom!

We are so grateful, on this week of Thanksgiving, for all the people who have helped us over the last few months. It wouldn't have come together with out a community. Let's just admit it, we need one another.

Stay tuned. Our adventure continues.

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